About Us

Save Sleighton at this point is nothing more than a website dedicated to awareness of what’s at stake on this property, and what the potential issues are with the potential development. Our mission is directly stated in the next point below. This website was created by, and currently funded and operated by an Edgmont Township resident. I have no political or business affiliations with anything related to Sleighton, including Edgmont/ Middletown Townships, Sleighton Inc., Elwyn, Glen Mills Schools, etc. I am just a concerned citizen who is really into both history and current events in this area, and I follow this closely. I want to share awareness and what I know to other people.

Our Mission

The mission of this website is relatively simple: To spread awareness and information. The current pages on this website and future ones to come will describe what exactly is at stake here and the problems that potential development will bring. There is more details explained on this website on why you should be concerned. Along with the reasons to save it, there’s also a lot of unknown history that people will find interesting. I will make it a goal to share a lot of historical information, but there’s way more out there than there will ever be on this page, most of everything here will be summarized.


Our Goals

Our goals are obviously to complete our mission of spreading awareness and information, but it goes beyond that. Goals for the future directly relating to this website are expanding and becoming bigger. Right now I’m on my own, but I would definitely be very interested into expanding this, maybe even eventually becoming a non-profit organization.

Goals for the project would be to save as much land, trees, and buildings as possible. There is more details throughout this website on the problems of losing these kind of things and adding more development. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night without even trying to do anything, so even if I just saved one more building, I would be very proud of myself. Part of my reasons for spreading information is because there’s a lot more history to this place than most people know of and don’t even realize.