Toll Brothers Out, Elwyn Seeking to Develop Edgmont Side

In light of the 397 unit Toll Brothers plan proposed in 2012, that plan has been recently terminated. This plan was terminated due to deadlines not being met. Among the 275 acres of the current Sleighton property, 104 lay in Middletown, and 171 lay in Edgmont. In Edgmont Township, 116 acres of land are protected in an agricultural security area, hence they can’t be developed. Edgmont also requests an extra four acres oddly placed between two sections of protected land not to be developed as well.

Currently, Elwyn Inc. is looking to rezone the land in order to follow up with development, which has apparently attracted interest from several developers. Currently, Middletown is declining to rezone their 104 acres of developable land due to density issues. The current focus is on Edgmont, and their 51 developable acres.

No formal rezoning application has been submitted yet, but Elwyn has been presenting zoning plans to the township in public meetings, which are currently ongoing. The township seeks to preserve as much open space as possible, while Elwyn seeks to build as much units as possible. Currently, they are looking to find a plan that works best for both parties.

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