Middletown Township Proposing Purchase of 80 Acres

As of now, Elwyn is still attempting to move forward with a development plan for the Sleighton property, similar to the ones mentioned in previous posts. However, at a recent Township meeting, it was brought up that Middletown is looking to purchase just over 80 acres of the Sleighton property from Elwyn, and the decision will be placed on a May 21 ballot as a referendum. The tract involved is the Middletown portion west of Valley Rd (across the street from the former campus). This property includes some wooded areas, farm fields, and buildings such as Lucky Shop, Littlehouse, Stokes Barn, and Stokes Cottage. This purchase would protect all of the Sleighton property west of Valley Rd, as the Edgmont portion contains 120 acres of protected agricultural security area. That would preserve 200 acres of open space all together and only leave the campus portion of Sleighton vulnerable to development.

This is probably the best news regarding the preservation of Sleighton. As this is still in the early phases, it’s unclear what the intent of the existing buildings would be. Stokes barn would most likely continue to be leased out as it is now. All the other buildings would most likely be demolished due to neglect, because as of my most recent visit a few years ago, they appeared to be at the point of being beyond repair. Still, it is a pleasure to see that this historic property may have some land preserved.

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