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  1. I was on the faculty from 1973 when it was Sleighton Farm School for Girls to 1978, mostly teaching Driver Education, Photography, and after the school went co-ed, Auto Mechanics. I also taught Journalism with Challis Niles and we started the school newspaper, The Village Street Beat. I visited the school several times after moving to Valley Forge Military Academy and followed its progress until it closed. I always felt that despite the difficulties working with troubled youth, the school was an idyllic place, more akin to an elite private school on the Main Line. The dedicated faculty and administration of the high school was top notch. I have told people I would have sent my own child there if it was a “regular” private school and not for delinquents. It would be sad to see all the beautiful buildings demolished, but realistically, we can’t save every old building. I would hope that some of them could be spared.

  2. Hi, I was thinking that with the world wide web there should be a way to create a group of a variety of share holders who are dictated to rehab. Maybe reach out to HGTV and celebs like Nicole Curtis who is always looking to rehabilitate old houses. I will put this on my facebook page but someone who is more internet savvy than I could really get the ball moving.

    Just a thought,

    • Thank you for the share Carol, we really appreciate all we can get. I have reached out to many developers who focus in rehabilitation of old houses which they incorporate into their plans, but unfortunately I never got many responses. If you have any further ideas, keep on suggesting, we can always use more help!

    • Ken Hemphill, there is no email list but I do attempt to keep this as updated as possible. This group is smaller but still active, and there just hasn’t been a whole lot of new news as of recently. Feel free to contact me at for any further questioms

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